23 Best Udemy Courses for Freelancers by Category

Want to take your freelancing venture to new heights this year?

Picture this…

You are stuck in traffic. Everyone around is pilfering distracted glances at their smartphone screen. It is religious. You whip out your device. Then check on how much data you have left over from that last YouTube splurge. Those cat videos you spoiled yourself to have got in the way of some punchy productivity session you’d intended before.

Maybe now you can get some serious stuff done and off your in-tray.

 You flash your favorite internet browser and log in to udemy.com. Once locked in, you head over to “My Courses” to access a course you’d purchased earlier—and sworn to complete before deciding to raise your freelance hourly rates. And just like that, you are in class—learning online.

So what’s wrong with this picture? Well, you are stuck in traffic.

What’s right with this picture, though?

Apart from fattening your know-how and stacking depth to your resume on the move, there are other benefits to learning online. These include:

Taking Online Courses Part-Time

Whether you learn on your feet or need some time to deliberate on things, Udemy online courses are designed to allow you access for a long time, so you can learn at your own pace, at your own convenient time.  

Learn while Kicking it from the comfort of your favorite Spot

While traffic snarl-ups are nowhere near “favorite spot”, you don’t have to crush hours in traffic, sweating profusely, and wondering how to get in on that ongoing lecture at a campus in time. Neither do you need to meditate on what, where, how and from whom to access the latest lecture notes.

All you need is your internet-enabled device and internet connection. You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to access the Udemy online courses. Saves you the time, stress and wrecking hustle.   

Learn from the Best in your Field

Here’s a fact: In their lifetime, the most accomplished people in any field have only taught and passed on their ingenuity to several thousand apprentices (at most), and most likely than not, in their country of residence only.

Online courses trump over geopolitical limits. That powerful Stanford University talk that Steve Jobs gave before his untimely demise could have been shared by millions of interested curious minds across the globe were it an Udemy course.

Learning online, you can stream video, audio and browse and download text material from the top-tier talent and best experienced minds in your field of interest.

Saves you Money

Compared to college fees, Udemy online courses fee at a fraction of the cost. From my experience, though, many of the Udemy online courses are more resourceful than what you’d typically acquire in a brick-and-mortar class.

The “professors” here know that “Students” get to rate the courses out of 5 stars. New students can see which courses impressed and which ones didn’t on other learners. So there is emphasis on practical and useful material that makes a difference for the learner.

Impactful to your Specific Freelance Career

You can decide to learn only those sections that you think are most relevant to your freelance gigs. For example, if you are a budding copywriter, you can look for a well-rated copywriting course on Udemy, and so on. 

Learn specifics such as how to start a WordPress blog from scratch, jumpstart your VA career, how to code using various languages, suit up websites with various designs, and master the art and science of personal branding online and off, among over 40,000 other Udemy online courses.

There’s virtually any topic from a verified expert with a track record to show for it.

Wondering where to start or what Udemy course to pick up?

If you are motivated to make a renewed investment in learning, I compiled this list of 23 online courses Udemy has to offer that can change your freelance life for good.

Check out these 23 best Udemy online courses in various categories to help you figure out where to start. I’m basing them on ratings, reviews, the number of students enrolled, ease of use, and also personal experience for some.    

1.      Best Udemy Courses for Freelance Virtual Assistants

Want to slam your spanking new web design skills on the face of the $20 billion web design industry?

Christine Miles has compiled a punchy, high-quality course on the niche. If you opt in for her training, you get to extract the juice from the 2.5 hours of video resources and 16 articles. She promises to guide you step-by-step from conception, dusting the rust off of your web design business idea, to up and running by the end of the lifetime-accessible course.

Some 1,487“students” agreed that the course is worth the while and scored it at 4.5/5.0 stars.  

  • Building a Personal Brand By Gary Vaynerchuk

I can assure you that virtual assistance is, to a significant extent, dependent on how you brand yourself to prospecting clients. Gary Vaynerchuk shares some brilliant lessons on how to package yourself and land the best clients ever.

Perk up and listen as Gary demonstrates how he’s managed to build his reputation (and that successful digital agency) and how you can do it too. It is not enough to just put in the work quietly. If you are an ambitious VA looking to drum up your career to Everest heights, the best clients are desperate to confer to you more business than you can handle.

Find his insights in the condensed Udemy course that over 17,000 students rated at 46/5.0 stars.

// 26/02/2017 update; Building a Personal Brand By Gary Vaynerchuk course currently unavailable 

Here’s one of the basics you need to excel at to make it as a virtual assistant—Excel work.

Microsoft-certified trainer, Kyle Pew, excellently captures the tiniest of details and thunders the insights through 13 hours of demonstration in clear-cut video and additional resources.

Untie the loops of automating various tasks by using Macros and VBA, create dynamic reports, and wow your clients with fast turnaround times, excellent organization, and professional dealings.

You’ll learn to master Microsoft Excel from beginner to advanced functions and earn an Udemy Certificate of Completion too. With over 100,000 students enrolled (and who rated Pew's coaching at 4.6/5.0), there's no reason why you shouldn't try it.

2.      Best Udemy Blogging Courses for Aspiring and Current Bloggers

Starting a blog from scratch shouldn’t be as scary as it might seem. In this 33-minute course, Martie Dread spills 11 lectures, empowering you to come out swinging with all the right moves and blogging insights to take you to the top of blogosphere.

Amidst your commitment to learning the basics of WordPress-ing, you’ll discover how to register your domain name, install WordPress on both, change themes, and make other tweaks to help inject pizzazz, power and jiggle to your WordPress presence online.

Some 4,800 students rated this at 4.2/5.0 stars. 

Want to find out how to hit the first page in search engine results (and stay there)?

Learn how to get to the top of Google using SEO from SEO expert, Matt Jensen. He elaborates how you can leverage top-tier websites’ influence and massive readership, smart back-linking techniques, and how to improve conversions from an increased click-through rate.

The course spans out over 5.5 hours, comes with a Certification of Completion, and is rated at 4.3/5.0 with over 20,500 students enrolled.

The future of business is online. But to grow any business on the digital platform, stakeholders need to crunch online marketing techniques, concepts and be able to interpret various online metrics to make profitable decisions.

The creators of this course, Rob Percival and Daragh Walsh, promise to enlighten you on precisely what to do to knock out the Google algorithm changes at their own game in 2017 and beyond. And with over 163, 000 students enrolled and rated at 4.5/5.0 stars, this might be the course for you marketers.  

It feels like just the other day that it seemed hilariously absurd to even dream of a career in blogging. It is now real and happening. But not everyone is attracting a good deal, and only the best are able to put together a decent career out of blogging full-time or part-time.

In this 7-hour blogging course, master the intricate details of professional blogging while punching the red tapes that limit your blog from becoming an authority site. Check out this 4.5/5.0 rated, Daniel Boehm blogging gem today.

3.      Best Udemy Web Development Courses 2018

Coders take note. There is a new sheriff in town. Rob Percival compiled a thorough, step-by-step developer’s course to get you off to a good start as a freelance web developer or a junior front-end web developer for your boss—it is just too in-depth to be for fun only.

You’ll sharpen up on how to develop web apps and websites by doing. And doing you will using the various popular coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Python, CSS, MySQL, and PHP. That should help boost your developers’ savvy when you are done with the 30-hours on-demand video and 140 comprehensive articles—I know I said it was thorough.

With over 173, 400 students enrolled and rated at 4.7/5.0 stars, this Udemy web developer course is a stunner.

Here’s another web development course from Colt Stele to help you learn the art and science of creating static HTML and CSS landing pages, portfolio sites, and the likes.

When you are done with those 42.5 hours of on-demand video lectures and 44 articles of additional actionable material, the course swears that you’ll be spoiling to create real browser-based games, real websites, web applications, as well as JavaScript-based creations.

Some 298,000 students later (4.7/50 stars), the course is a Bootcamp in real web development from scratch.   

How would you like to learn to code for the largest smartphone apps market on the planet? Now, why not learn the ins and outs of Android Nougat development while on the job?

In this course, expert developer Rob Percival teams up with Mark Stock to bring you this comprehensive (per usual for Rob) Android development Udemy course. Over the course of learning, the trainers guide you closely so you can create actual apps that you then submit to Google Play for download, and engrave your new skill from scratch.

Over 82, 000 students agree this course is worth the while so you have much to look forward to if you decide to take the Udemy course for Android developers in the making.    

What better way to kickstart your coding career (or reignite it) if not by learning the most popular and basic of the developers’ languages—Java, anyone?

Experienced software engineer, Hussein Al Rubaye, spills the secrets in this 9-hour trainer on how best to become a Java pro. Mine through the 91 lectures he’s condensed the insights into and jumpstart an enjoyable career creating Java8 based games and apps.

If you are intending to get more than a feel for all things Java, I recommend taking this Udemy Java course. Otherwise, if you are looking to hit professional heights, I find Tim Buchalka’s, Complete Java Masterclass to be a top notch choice for the advanced Java developer.

If you want to learn the whole process, from the designing to front to back-end programming, I recommend checking out Code College and Brad Hussey’s online Udemy course for designers and developers.

To help you achieve professional, full-stack developer status, the courses has packed some 18 professional disciplines within, and the 31.5 hours of on-demand video provide comprehensive material to code your way up.

4.      Best Udemy Freelance Writers Courses

A standing ovation for the internet for making most people readers!

Most people are now able to find information on their own online and on on-demand reading material and use it at their own convenient time, means and ways. Behind great material is an awesome scribe, a writer who’s made time and put in the work to make their writing reverberate with zest, color, and vitality.

To help you sparkle in your writing, prolific editor, lecturer and writing coach, Shani Raja, shares hacks for writers in this 3.5-hour worth of video training. If you have slaved for months on countless books and dubious online writing courses, Shani promises to reveal the best-kept secrets to you like she’s done over 67,000 (4.4/5.0 stars) others like you.

Have you read a piece of write-up before and wondered why you felt the words just jumped off the page, jiggled your interest, caught your attention, and swooshed you take action? That kind of copywriting sells.

Copywriters are the best-paid writers in the world, and this is a trend with no end in site. If you want to excel in crafting copy that guides readers to that online store, landing page, or that CTA button, shake off and take on the wisdom from the guru himself, Len Smith, in this online copywriting course.      

When you write, you want readers to experience your story. Great writing combines the subtle prompts that evoke powerful feelings, allowing your readers to visualize the content and immerse themselves into the storyline.

To achieve this feat, long time and expert writer, Shani Raja (again!), demonstrates what to do to turn business write-ups, blogs, PR pieces, and copy into a persuasive and compelling must-have skill.

Want to publish your own book and change the world from your armchair? Try the Amazon Kindle platform.

There are thousands of titles on the Amazon Kindle platform. How you get from the bottom rang majority to the top-ranking (and earning) few is a process you might want to learn from an expert who's been there and done that so you won't have to.

Tom Corson-Knowles has taught over 38,000 students on Udemy earning a rating of 4.3/5.0 stars. Check out this writing course on Udemy if you want to know more about success on Amazon Kindle.

5.      Best Udemy Courses for Internet Marketers

This Google AdWords course is a mine for online marketers with a burning desire to rip through the glass ceiling of internet marketing and equip themselves with the technical know-how on precisely how to use PPC (and trump SEO).

Rated at 4.8/5.0 stars by over 7,700 learners like you, Isaac Rudansky’s Udemy course looks to teach about various techniques to use to optimize conversion rate, increase traffic, and monetize that traffic to make the most of it.  

Facebook is the behemoth of social media, hence effective social media marketing starts here.

If you could capture a fraction of the 1.9 billion monthly users (per Facebook’s March 2017 stats), and manage to pique the interest of these people enough to have them take action, you’d have a huge pay-schedule coming up.

But it is easier said than done—but maybe you won’t feel the same way after intimating through the details wrapped up in the 7.3 hours of video (73 lectures) for this course. Facebook marketer and Amazon seller, James Obrien takes care of you here.

Of all inbound marketing (and organic traffic boosters) in use today, nothing beats video as far as excellent conversion rates go.

If you want to learn the intricacies of turning your YouTube channel into a powerful, viral messenger on your behalf, build a brand, garner subscribers from creating thumbnails that are seductively clickable, and so on, this course might be it.

The trio of Video School Online Inc, Michael Moyer, and Phil Ebiner, come together to train on YouTube growth hacks with over 28, 000 students enrolled and the course rated at 4.5/5.0 stars by 2,779 learners.

6.      Best Udemy Design Courses Right Now

To become an expert in Adobe’s Photoshop without prior experience dabbling in it will require you to learn from a comprehensive source and adept tutor.

Is this the biggest Photoshop Course on Udemy? By all means, yes—and for good reasons too. First off, you get 140 lectures that are condensed into 30 hours of video for comprehensive learning of the popular app. Second, there are about 60 techniques to learn from. And third, you can start without prior experience.

To become a Photoshop CC specialist, like the 137,000+ enrolled students, check out Manfred Warner’s Adobe Photoshop Udemy online course.     

Daniel Walter Scott is the Adobe Certified Instructor, UX Designer, and Media designer who created this step-by-step, practical course. 

If you seek to comprehend how to set up your service quickly and professionally so you can attract good clients fast, this course might help you. Learn to organize your portfolio items as well for clients to access easily and settle on you as their preferred web designer.

However, this course addresses more issues to do with running a web design business than actually designing the web. It is a good find if you plan on running your web design business as a freelancer.

From Derrick Mitchell, college professor, and creative director comes the graphic design Bootcamp to beat on Udemy.com. Derrick teaches about the finer details of Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

If you wish to shake up and glitter your graphic design skill, then this might be a good online course to start. 

Summing up

Learning any of these or more Udemy courses will go a long way in helping you advance your professional skills set. That way you can gain and retain more clients while commanding fulfilling rates from your efforts.

The most powerful, fool-proof way to do that is to acquire a new skill set. Expertise sets you apart and makes you a killing online and off. From personal experience, I can vouch for taking online courses for freelancers.

One of the best places I’ve found online to learn new freelancing skills is Udemy.com.

Any courses that you have completed and would like to share with others here? Feel free to contribute right below. 


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