Who is Susan Gichuhi?


Hey there fellow Freedom Ninja!

Welcome to my blog.

I’m Susan Gichuhi — Jake’s Mom, die-hard Upworker, WordPress Ninja, Full-time Virtual Assistant, Favorite Auntie and Foodie Extraordinaire. Quite a mouthful there, but it all started with a quest to live life on my own terms.

I Have A Dream…

This is a passion project. I ceased working a while ago and began enjoying doing something I really look forward to doing. And I love every instant.

But what I prize most is assisting other people to grow their passion projects, step out of that dead-end dilemma, kung-fu that fear for living out your true purpose, and help you persist on your own two feet.

This Blog is for…

The people who aspire to live audaciously, calling their own shots, meriting enough to fund those exotic tastes while running a family-friendly business.

I want to experience Jake’s great moments first-hand, all while earning enough to afford him more than a roof over our heads.

My Virtual Assistance services empower me to be my own boss. I get to discover and produce something fresh every day. It fulfills me deeply to team up with ambitious and great clients. And for the last 3 years, has earned me six figures in monthly income.

Straight up, being a VA has changed my life.

I Quit My Job…

The old way wasn’t working for me.

I used to be an insurance sales agent for a top insurance company in the country. After daydreaming about earning a six-figure income for a time and then some, my desire to work from home triumphed.

You might know that feeling when you are stuck with a jerk of a job. See getting orders to do what you didn’t come to do. Loads of your hours rot away in perennial traffic. You painstakingly and relentlessly have to wipe off little storms of thoughts, sensing fear for that corporate job’s security—but you persist.

And then it hits home, right on the frontal lobe; you may never amount to someone you are proud of, travel the country and internationally like you’d like, or indulge in guilty luxuries because you won’t afford it—I’m a sucker for meatballs with rice or pasta.

I order grilled pork chops with roast potatoes too many times and will trade my little finger for Chapatti with beef stew or nicely pan-fried veggies. Well, not the finger.

I couldn’t anymore. It was haunting. 

I took the leap into freelance writing, then discovered Elance (now Upwork) and Freelancer. I do all things WordPress, also light Design, Social Media Management, Woocommerce and pen Articles. Now a Top Upwork VA, I haven’t looked back since.

The following months were tough for me both personally and professionally. There were few blogs to learn actionable freelancing hacks from, and even fewer VA full-timers to pump power and pizzazz into my freedomist vision.

Looking back though, I wouldn’t change a thing—probably would have started my full-time VA venture earlier.

I discovered I enjoyed the technical side of writing and so went into WordPress-ing. I’m now offering internet and social media marketing consultancy services. I also share my bliss and miss moments, VA and freelance writing hacks, and techy tutorials via my YouTube channel here.

I Believe…

  • If you are not growing, you are dying
  • Freelancing is a business, where you help others first then get paid—not manipulate others and stuff to make only money
  • My clients deserve the best quality work. You are the life of my VA venture
  • You have a gift or hobby you can package into a service and offer others for a fee that’ll help you slash bills
  • You too can start right now, enjoy and achieve your happiness project

Want to know more, do more and do it better? Join me here and over email. Shoot me a message on Facebook and Twitter.

I appreciate having you.

Yours truly,

Susan Gichuhi